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Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University
Gifu Shotoku Gakuen Junior College

President Noriyuki Fujii

Building a strong foundation of academic skills and nurturing autonomy

Today, what is most needed in society is "heart". Our school ethos is "education based on the spirit of Buddhism.” We foster the development of a sincere heart with which students can support people who are in sorrow, suffering, or trouble. We also educate students to step forward in a proactive manner, so that they can take the initiative in society. In order to achieve these goals, we Founded in 2015 the “Yawaragi Basis”, a common liberal arts curriculum with no boundaries between the faculties. This common curriculum aims to train students to have the basic foundation skills for study in any area of expertise, to deepen the bonds students have with each other through a wide range of exchanges, and to foster the communication skills needed for an inclusive society. In addition, our empathetic teachers and staff support students’ learning and college life. We have created an environment where, under thorough guidance, deep and wide ranging learning happens.