Faculty of Economics and Information

Faculty of Economics and Information
Admission Policy
In the Faculty of Economics and Information, we seek prospective students who are interested in economics, management, and the field of information technology, who actively pursue skills, want to contribute to society, work hard toward shaping their careers throughout their college life, and are committed to the development of society. We look for students who have passed proficiency tests in bookkeeping, information technology, or English in high school, who wish to challenge themselves further in college, and who are motivated to study widely in economics and information technology, utilising these acquired abilities.
Overview of learning
Lectures by local business owners,and classroom learning about the latest economic trends in the local economy promote collaboration between industry and academia.
By cooperating with companies,we develop students with practical knowledge and broad vision.
Through industry-university cooperation agreements with local leading companies, we foster students who are work ready. Students can develop on-site practical business knowledge.