Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages
Admission Policy
The Faculty of Foreign Languages welcomes prospective students with an interest in foreign languages, who want to understand their own culture while studying the diverse values of different cultures. We look for students who want to be engaged in international business, and students who want to become English teachers in junior high schools or high schools. We seek students who have passed language proficiency tests in high school, and want to further enhance their foreign language knowledge and skills at university, and hope to deepen their understanding of different cultures through study abroad.
Overview of learning
The International Career Course fosters students who will lead the world in English, and be active in a wide range of fields.
The Teacher-Training Course combines English proficiency with English language teaching skills.
In order to further expand the range of career choices open to our students, we have created a new career seminar (airline course). In addition, students have the opportunity to experience an international internship.