Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Admission Policy
In the Faculty of Education, our aim is to foster professionals in education and childcare. Therefore, we look for students with a good academic base, communication skills, and a strong willingness to nurture children who will forge the future. We expect prospective students to have developed a deep and wide range of interests in the community along with the acquisition of solid learning habits. Among other things, we suggest that prospective students start being actively engaged in the learning and practice of the field.
Overview of learning
Deep subject learning and experiential learning and volunteer activities (such as internships) in local elementary and junior high schools, cultivate the practical skills that are needed in the field of education. Deep learning through hands-on experience leads to self-development along with the development of the children.
79.5% of 2015 March graduates became teaching professionals. This compares favorably with the education faculties of public universities. In addition, in April 2015, we established the special education course and school psychology course.